So, Looking For The Next Step to Add More Wins To Your Program?

Has your program bottomed out and looking for the next big advantage nobody else has? Are you looking to get out of mediocrity in the middle of your conference? Are you looking to take your team to national supremacy and win a title, but need one last thing to accomplish it? Look no further than my analytics!

I have two seasons of experience in implementing these with the Rider University Men's Basketball Team, who shared the regular season championship in the Metro Atlantic Athletic Conference over perennial powerhouses like Iona and Monmouth (they were projected to finish seventh)!


Check out an example of data from last season where I had just learned how to implement these programs for analytical use! My current edition is much more detailed, clean, and easier to utilize in your coaches meetings during the season.

Unlike my competitors, I offer a variety of services:

Lineup Reviews

Check how every possible combination of lineups the team has utilized throughout the season is performing! Metrics that are included within these reviews are total possessions played, turnover percentage, offensive rebounding percentage, shooting percentage, free throws per shot attempt, 3-pointers per shot attempt, and points per possession, the chief metric in all of my work!


Instead of manually trying to crank out this stat during games, let me do it after the game to prepare you for the next opponent! Plus/Minus measures the scoring differential for each player when they are on the court.

(This service requires your SID's email to obtain a specific report necessary for this task)

Efficiency Workbook

Compare your Offensive and Defensive Points Per Possession to past games and see how being home or away affects this metric. Also, see how often being kept under 1 and over 1 point per possession affects the team's record as well as the difference between wins and losses.

Analytic Breakdown

See how each game's ratios from the Lineup Reviews compares throughout the season with my Analytic Breakdown! Compare ratios between wins and losses, compare season-best and worst performances, and see how they compare to the per-40 minute numbers.

Scouting Analytically

While I know your place as basketball coaches, I will analytically scout your next opponent by comparing the key analytics I calculate to theirs. I will also examine provided highlights and film on each school's website to delve deeper into their successes and failures.

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What are you waiting for? Get the upper hand by subscribing to my analytics! Click here to sign up and get more information on pricing, samples, and other information to improve your team!

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