FIFA Winter   2017  Transfer Tracker


I will be simplifying this crazier part of the soccer offseason. The 16 teams who have made it past the Champions League Group Stage for next season, all 22 MLS teams, and all 20 Premier League teams for next season will be featured in that order below. 


NOTE: If a player was loaned out during the Summer period and officially bought, they will not be featured since they have already played for their new team and are not technically "new" additions. Also, players with options to be bought will not be included as well due to the same reasoning.



REMINDER: Check out the review of all 3 parts of the Summer Transfer Tracker in the Excel file below, including totals in changed player values to the team, net cash flows, and player movement. If you want data on specific players, don't forget to click below on the 3 unique trackers for individual transfers and teams!

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